I am an experienced Fullstack Engineer from India. I stay in Hyderabad with my wife and family. Building solid webapps with cool tech is something I really enjoy.

When I was getting started, I learnt most of my skills with the help of tutorials from awesome people like Wesbos, Traversy Media and more. These days I generally learn new skills from Github and open source documentation.

I have been working for the past 8 years (remotely for 4 years) and I generally work on a complete javascript stack, but I also get to work on Python and Docker at times. Some frameworks/tools that I use regularly include React, ReactNative, Redux, Xstate, Vue, Nuxt, Angular, Styled-components, Next.js, Webpack, Node.js, MongoDB, FramerMotion, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, etc.

I work remotely and I enjoy working so as it gives me an opportunity to be available for longer times with my family and also saves me time that I would otherwise spend in commute.

I spend a lot of time contributing to open source. Starting rooks and contributing to nodejs.dev and styled-components are some of my proudest achievements.

Teaching is Learning

Teaching people how to code is hobby of mine and I have been teaching students all over the globe via Codementor where I have done over 400 sessions and taught hundreds of students with a 5 star rating.

While working with companies fulltime in the past few years, I also had the opportunity to

Teaching is a great way to learn, which is why I always make it a point to at least engage in codementor sessions when I get some time , because that gives me a chance to learn a new skill and also teach it to someone.